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>Dr Mick Thacker

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Dr Mick Thacker

Mick's talk at PRS 2019 will focus on the historical and on-going dominance of paradigms within physiotherapy theory, research and practice. He will draw upon examples from several specialisms within the profession to highlight the "power" of paradigms to control and limit creative thinking. He will define exactly what a paradigm is and detail their role in scientific thinking. He will further discuss the concept of 'normal science' as it pertains to physiotherapy research and practice and show how this approach limits scientific thinking, discovery and dissemination. Mick will offer the audience ideas and suggestions for how they might escape the éminence grise of the powerful paradigm and how to influence paradigm shifts within their own field of research and practice.

Twitter: @dibbygibby


Mick Qualified as a physiotherapist from West Middlesex University Hospital School of physiotherapy and worked as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist at several London teaching hospitals. He undertook and passed with distinction advanced training in manual therapy before completing a Master’s degree at University College London where he conducted basic science research into the autonomic nervous system and nociceptive processing. Mick completed his PhD at King’s College London (KCL), his thesis focused on neuro-immune interactions and pain; more specifically the role of the chemokine CCL2 as a key mediator of neuropathic pain. Whilst this research was entirely pre-clinical it led to the development of several compounds currently in development for the management of human neuropathic pain. His post-doctoral research involved neuroimaging of human pain and pharmacological manipulation. He held lecturing posts at Brunel University and St Georges Medical School before moving to KCL. He joined LSBU in April 2017. Mick received a fellowship of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in November 2011, for his outstanding contribution to the understanding and education of pain science within the profession and promotion of the profession within the wider scientific community. Mick’s current research is split between three main areas; neuroimaging of pain states (MRC funded); Quantitative Sensory Testing in cervical radiculopathy with Mike Mansfield and Predictive Processing and Pain with the eminent philosophy Prof Andy Clark. Mick has performed both pre-clinical and clinical research including both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and held Fellowships with world-leading research groups across several disciplines. He has been involved in the procurement of over £6.5million in grant monies.

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